Choosing a Color for Your Kitchen Countertops

new luxury kitchen with granite countertopsThe type of kitchen countertop you choose won’t only have a significant visual impact on the area where you cook and eat; it will also determine the time and expense of installation. Selecting the perfect counter surface will depend on your tastes, your cooking and food prep habits, and the overall style of the rest of the room. Once you’ve chosen the best countertop material for your kitchen renovation in Sarasota, FL, it’s time to choose the color.

Understand the Color Wheel
Identify the undertones of the walls, floor and surrounding décor in your kitchen. From here, you can select complementary colors or side-by-side hues found on the color wheel to create the visual effect you’re seeking. For example, if your cabinetry has an orange undertone, blue counters will intensify that tone.

Consider How You’ll Decorate
If you plan on choosing detailed wallpaper or incorporating some stylized décor in your kitchen, a solid color countertop can provide balance. On the other hand, countertops with a natural pattern, such as marble, will provide balance if other elements of the room are kept simple.

Go Timeless
Keep in mind that your kitchen’s décor and paint color can be updated with much more ease (and less of a price tag) than replacing the countertops. That being said, soft and classic colors are often recommended. Not only will your countertops be sure to stand the test of time, but they will be more likely to appeal to any future homeowners.