Four Tips to Maximize Kitchen Storage

modern white cabinets and drawers with black hardwareOrganizing your kitchen to maximize limited storage space is a challenge, but even the tiniest kitchen space can fully accommodate your needs. The trick is knowing how to make the most of the space you have available. Our team of contractors are available to help make these storage options possible.

Choose Space-Saving Cabinets
As you may have guessed, cabinets are the most valuable storage space in your kitchen. Multiple-shelf units are one of the best options for standard front-access cabinets. Have a Lazy Susan installed in the corner cabinet to create easy access to an otherwise awkward space.

Invest in Drawer Organizers
You can maximize drawer space by using trays that not only help keep silverware organized, but also help you fit more in a small space. If your drawers are deep enough, stack two trays and use the bottom one for utensils or tools you don’t reach for as often.

Hide Seating
If you have an island in your kitchen, choose seating that is low to the ground and can be stowed underneath the fixture.

Rearrange Appliances
A switch to a smarter layout during kitchen renovation in Sarasota, FL, may be just what your kitchen needs to free up a bit more space.