How to Make the Most of Your Blind Corner Cabinet

corner kitchen cabinet with pull-out shelfMore often than not, blind kitchen cabinets are far from functional. To some, they are known as the “dead corner” or the “store-the-items-that-you-rarely-reach-for corner.” For years, this particular area of the kitchen was nothing more than a dark cave. But today, there are several solutions available to help you optimize the use of your blind corner cabinet. Here are some to consider during your kitchen renovation in Sarasota, FL.

Lazy Susan Shelves
Lazy Susan shelves spin around a pole like a carousel. Typically, there are two shelves that operate individually. Lazy Susan shelves are usually the least-costly option when it comes to adding functionality to your blind corner cabinet.

Pull-Out Trays
These shelves for corner kitchen cabinets are available in various styles. Most have two or three layers of shelves, and some variations even include trays that can be attached to the door. With accessibility to these additional pull-out shelves, you can bring a whole new level of organizational opportunities to the blind corner cabinet.

Half-Moon Shelves
These shelves are shaped like half-circles, and the straight edge attaches to the back of the cabinet door. When you open the door, most of the shelf becomes accessible.